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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

1. Remove the snap ring.

2. Remove the retaining plate, drive plate, driven plate and dish plate.

3. Compress the return spring using the ST to remove the snap ring.


4. Using the ST, remove the snap ring and spring retainer.

5. Remove the return spring.

6. Remove the reverse brake piston by blowing compressed air intermittently from reverse brake housing hole.

• Inspect the drive plate facing for wear and damage.• Check the driven plate for discoloration (burnt color).• Check for worn snap ring, fatigue or damaged return spring or deformed ...

Secondary pressure sensor

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Inspection mode operation
It is possible to diagnose the DTC by performing the indicated inspection mode. After correcting the DTC, perform a necessary inspection mode and make sure that the function is resumed correctly and the DTC is recorded.1. INSPECTION MODE 1DTCItemNoteU0073CAN FAILURE, BUS ‘OFF’ DETECTION ...

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