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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

1. Remove the internal gear assembly.

2. Remove the snap ring from the internal gear assembly.

3. Remove the thrust gear plate.

4. Remove the thrust needle bearing.

5. Remove the snap ring.

6. Remove the planetary carrier assembly.

7. Remove the thrust needle bearing.

8. Remove the sun gear.

9. Remove the forward clutch hub.

10. Remove the washer.

11. Remove the thrust needle bearing.

12. Remove the retaining plate, drive plate, driven plate and dish plate.

13. Using the ST, remove the snap ring.


14. Remove the forward clutch piston seal.

15. Remove the return spring.

16. Remove the forward clutch piston by blowing compressed air intermittently from the end of forward clutch drum.

• Check the forward clutch drum, internal gear, sun gear and forward clutch piston lip for wear or damage.• Inspect the drive plate facing for wear and damage.• Check the driven plat ...

1. Install the forward clutch piston to forward clutch drum.NOTE:• Apply CVTF to the seal of forward clutch piston.• Insert it all the way to the end.2. Install the return spring.3. Instal ...

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