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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

1. Remove the throttle body. Throttle Body > REMOVAL

2. Remove the EGR pipe. EGR Pipe > REMOVAL

3. Remove the EGR control valve. EGR Control Valve > REMOVAL

4. Remove the purge control solenoid valve. Purge Control Solenoid Valve > REMOVAL

5. Remove the manifold absolute pressure sensor. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor > REMOVAL

6. Remove the fuel delivery pipe assembly from the intake manifold assembly.


Disconnect the quick connector as shown in the figure.



7. Remove the fuel pipe assembly from the intake manifold assembly.

1. Check that the intake manifold assembly and fuel pipe assembly have no deformation, cracks and other damages.2. Check that the hose has no cracks, damage or loose part.3. Check tumble generator val ...

Knock sensor

Other materials:

Fuel tankCapacity70 L (18.5 US gal, 15.4 Imp gal)LocationUnder rear seatFuel pumpTypeImpellerShutoff discharge pressure840 kPa (8.57 kg/cm2, 121.8 psi), or lessDischarge rate114 L (30.1 US gal, 25.1 Imp gal)/h or more[12.5 V at 343 kPa (3.5 kg/cm2, 49.7 psi)]Fuel filterIn-tank type ...

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