Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

1. Remove the fuel injector pipe and the fuel hose, and remove the fuel pipe assembly.

2. Remove the engine harness. General Description > COMPONENT

3. Remove the EGR control valve. EGR Control Valve > REMOVAL

4. Remove the EGR pipe B. EGR Pipe > REMOVAL

5. Remove the manifold absolute pressure sensor. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor > REMOVAL

6. Remove the purge control solenoid valve. Purge Control Solenoid Valve > REMOVAL

1. Check that the intake manifold and fuel pipe assembly have no deformation, cracks and other damages.2. Check that the hose has no cracks, damage or loose part. ...

Knock sensor

Other materials:

1. CHECK HAZARD LIGHT SYSTEMSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK HAZARD LIGHT OPERATION.1) Turn the hazard switch to ON.2) Check that the hazard light operates properly.Does the hazard light blink-The hazard light system is normal. Turn Signal Light and Hazard Light System > INSPECTION2.CHECK BULB.Check the hazard ...

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