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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Display settings

Display settings

Touch the tab to set display.



Day/Night Mode The "Auto", "Day" or "Night" key can be selected on the pop-up screen.

When the "Auto" key is selected, the screen changes to day or night mode depending on the position of the headlight switch.

Brightness Touch "+" or "−" to adjust the brightness.


  1.  When the screen is viewed through polarized sunglasses, a rainbow pattern may appear on the screen due to optical characteristics of the screen. If this is disruptive, please operate the screen without polarized sunglasses.
  2.  If the screen is set to "Day" mode with the headlight switch turned on, this condition is memorized even with the engine turned off.

How to adjust the rear view image

In the camera display, the brightness, tint, color and black level of the screen can be adjusted.

  1.  Depress the brake pedal fully and stop the vehicle.
  2.  While the vehicle is stopped, set the shift lever (MT models) or select lever (CVT models) in the "R" position, and then touch the display.
  3.  Touch the "Display Adjustment" key.
  4.  Touch the items to adjust the rear camera screen.

Camera display
Camera display

WARNING When adjusting camera display screen, make sure to depress the brake pedal fully to avoid the vehicle from moving. Failure to do so may lead to a serious accident.

NOTE The camera display can be accessed when the rear camera monitor is displayed.

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