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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Dome light

Dome light

  1. Remove the lens by prying the edge of the lens with a flat-head screwdriver.

Dome light

  1. Turn the bulb until the flat surfaces at its ends are aligned vertically.
  2.  Pull the bulb straight downward to remove it.
  3.  Install a new bulb.
  4.  Reinstall the lens.
The license plate light must be pushed inwards, and then pulled out to be removed. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and pull out the socket.  Pull the bulb out of the so ...

Map light
CAUTION Replacing the bulb could cause burns since the bulb may be very hot. Have the bulb replaced by your SUBARU dealer. Door step light CAUTION Replacing the bul ...

Other materials:

1. Measure the bend, and repair or replace if necessary.Camshaft bend limit:0.020 mm (0.00079 in)2. Check the journal for damage and wear. Replace if faulty.3. Check the cutout portion used for camshaft sensor for damage. Replace if faulty.4. Check the cam face condition; remove the minor faults by ...

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