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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Door locks

Key replacement
Your key number plate will be required if you ever need a replacement key made. Any new key must be registered for use with your vehicle's immobilizer system before it can be used. The maximum ...

Locking and unlocking from the outside
NOTE If you unlock the driver's door with a key (including a mechanical key) and open the door while the alarm system is armed, the alarm system is triggered and the vehicle's horn sounds. In thi ...

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Dtc b2a00 vin reading
DIAGNOSIS START CONDITION:When ignition switch is ON.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:When ignition switch is ON, VIN information (CAN) sent from ECM cannot be read.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:• Telematics function cannot be used.• RED LED illuminates.CAUTION:CommCheck is required after replacing the DCM. T ...

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