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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Door open indicator

When any of the doors, the rear gate (Outback) or the trunk lid (Legacy) is not fully closed, the door open indicator appears. This function is effective even if the ignition switch is in the "LOCK"/"OFF" or "ACC" position (all models) or the key is removed from the ignition switch (models without "keyless access with push-button start system").

The open door is indicated by the corresponding part of the door open indicator.

Always make sure this indicator does not appear before you start to drive.

Windshield washer fluid warning indicator

This indicator appears when the fluid level in the windshield washer fluid tank decreases to the lower limit (approximately 0.6 US qt, 0.6 liter, 0.5 Imp qt).

Low fuel warning light
The low fuel warning light illuminates when the tank is nearly empty approximately 2.6 US gal (10.0 liters, or 2.2 Imp gal). It only operates when the ignition switch is in the "ON" position. NOT ...

All-Wheel Drive warning light (CVT models)
WARNING Continued driving with the AWD warning light flashing can lead to powertrain damage. If the AWD warning light flashes, promptly park in a safe location and then check ...

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