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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Drive shaft system

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Drive shaft system

Check that there is no oil leakage from the side oil seal. If there is any leakage, replace the oil seal. ...

General diagnostic table inspection
NOTE:Vibration while cruising may be caused by an unbalanced tire, improper tire inflation pressure, improper wheel alignment, etc.SymptomsPossible causeCorrective actionNoise or vibration from propel ...

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1. DIFFERENTIAL BEVEL PINION GEAR BACKLASH1. Disassemble the front differential assembly. Front Differential Assembly > DISASSEMBLY2. Select the adjusting washer from the table and install.Adjusting washerPart No.Thickness mm (in)8030380210.925 — 0.950(0.0364 — 0.0374)8030380220.975 — 1.000(0 ...

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