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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Dtc b2811 eps abnormal

Malfunction is detected in the electric power steering.


Check the electric power steering. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE

Dtc b2814 power supply low voltage
Detected when the status of 7.0 V or less continues approximately for 5 seconds and is judged to be low-voltage malfunction, or when the +B harness of the stereo camera is broken.DTC DETECTING CONDITI ...

Dtc b2810 incompatible with eyesight (combination meter)
Detected when the combination meter, which is not designed exclusively for EyeSight is installed.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Incorrect specifications of combination meterTROUBLE SYMPTOM:All functions of E ...

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2.5 L models
1) Clip  Unsnap the two clips holding the air cleaner case (rear). Open the air cleaner case. Remove the air cleaner element CAUTION If the inside of the air cleaner case is extremely soiled (for example, by sand), contact a SUBARU dealer and ...

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