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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Dtc b28af stereo camera adjustment incomplete

Detected when adjustment or inspection of stereo camera has not been completed normally.


Operation is aborted during adjustment or inspection of the stereo camera.

After the replacement of the stereo camera, adjustment or inspection of camera has not yet been performed.


All functions of EyeSight system do not operate.

For diagnostic procedure, perform adjustment/inspection of camera. When the adjustment or inspection of camera is performed, and if it is not completed successfully, replace the camera.

Dtc b28b1 stereo camera automatic adjustment
Detected when the optical axis of stereo camera is deviated in lateral direction or when the fluctuation range of automatic adjustment value has expanded.NOTE:Readjust the stereo camera. Camera Adjus ...

Dtc b28ae internal stereo camera power supply
Detected when improper power supply inside the stereo camera occurs.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Improper power supply inside the stereo camera occurs.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:All functions of EyeSight system do no ...

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