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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Dtc b28b1 stereo camera automatic adjustment

Detected when the optical axis of stereo camera is deviated in lateral direction or when the fluctuation range of automatic adjustment value has expanded.


Readjust the stereo camera. Camera Adjustment, Inspection > PROCEDURE

If the same DTC is still detected after readjustment, replace the stereo camera. Stereo Camera > REMOVAL

Dtc b28b2 stereo camera high temperature
Detected when the temperature of the stereo camera excessively increases.NOTE:When this DTC is detected, performing adjustment or inspection of the camera will not return to the normal state. In this ...

Dtc b28af stereo camera adjustment incomplete
Detected when adjustment or inspection of stereo camera has not been completed normally.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:• Operation is aborted during adjustment or inspection of the stereo camera.• ...

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