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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Dtc u0101 lost communication with tcm

No data is received from TCM.


Perform the diagnosis for LAN system. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE

Dtc u1500 keyless uart com. Malfunction
1. WITHOUT KEYLESS ACCESS WITH PUSH BUTTON START SYSTEMDTC DETECTING CONDITION:• UART between the TPMS & keyless entry CM and the body integrated unit is open or shorted, or has communication fa ...

Function check

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Read cancel code operation
1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle information and select «Confirmed».3. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System».4. On «Select System» display, select «Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection(RH)» or «Subaru Rear Vehicle ...

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