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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Dtc u0426 invalid data received from immobilizer control module

Received error data from immobilizer CM.


Perform the diagnosis for LAN system. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE

Dtc u1673 lin communication bus error body control module
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Integrated unit communication is shut down because of LIN error.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:LIN communication is not normal.WIRING DIAGRAM:NOTE:For the coupling connector, refer to “ ...

Dtc u0169 lost communication with sunroof control module
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:No data is received from sunroof unit.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:The sunroof does not operate normally.WIRING DIAGRAM:NOTE:For the coupling connector, refer to “WIRING SYSTEM” ...

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Basic diagnostic procedure procedure
CAUTION:• Remove foreign matter (dust, water, oil, etc.) from each control module connector during removal and installation.• Registration of immobilizer may be needed after the replacement of control modules, etc. For detailed procedure, refer to the “REGISTRATION MANUAL FOR IMMOB ...

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