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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Enabling functions

When the procedure to disable the functions is performed again, a chirp sound will be heard, and the functions are enabled.


  •  The keyless access function will be enabled only if you perform the procedure in the same manner you disabled the function (for example, when disabling by operating the driver's door, the function will not be enabled even if you operate the access key).
  •  Press the push-button ignition switch if you do not know the procedure in which the keyless access function was disabled.
  •  When disabling by operating the driver's door: a chirp will not be heard
  •  When disabling by operating the access key: a chirp will be heard

When access key does not operate properly

Refer to "Access key - if access key does not operate properly" .

Replacing battery of access key

Refer to "Replacing battery of access key" F11-50.

Replacing access key

Access keys can be replaced at SUBARU dealers. For more details, contact a SUBARU dealer.

Disabling functions
By operating the access key If you have registered a PIN code for PIN Code Access, you can disable the keyless access function by operating the access key. For details about registering a PIN cod ...

Certification for keyless access with push-button start system
U.S.-spec. models FCC ID: HYQ14AHC FCC ID: Y8PFJ14-2 FCC ID: Y8PSSPIMB02 CAUTION FCC WARNING Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for complia ...

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