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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Engine (diagnostics)(h4do)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Engine (diagnostics)(h4do)

Using the ST or a hydraulic press, push out the bolt - hub (b) from the hub unit COMPL - rear axle (a).CAUTION:• Be careful not to hammer the bolts - hub. This may deform the hub unit COMPL.&bul ...

Active test operation
CAUTION:After executing the system operation check mode, execute the Clear Memory Mode Clear Memory Mode > OPERATION.NOTE:• *: After replacing ECM or active grille shutter, be sure to perform t ...

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1. DRIVER’S SIDE1. When replacing the actuator with a new part, apply a thin coat of grease evenly to the side face (a) of lever pin by using approx. 5 mm (0.2 in) width and approx. 0.1 g (0.004 oz) of grease squeezed out from a tube.NOTE:After installing the actuator, perform 3 — 5 times of ...

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