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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Engine oil consumption

Some engine oil will be consumed while driving. The rate of consumption can be affected by such factors as transmission type, driving style, terrain and temperature.

Under the following conditions, oil consumption can be increased and thus require refilling between maintenance intervals:

  •  When the engine is new and within the break-in period
  •  When the engine oil is of lower quality
  •  When the incorrect oil viscosity is used
  •  When engine braking is employed (repeatedly)
  •  When the engine is operated at high engine speeds (for extended periods of time)
  •  When the engine is operated under heavy loads (for extended periods of time)
  •  When towing a trailer (Outback)
  •  When the engine idles for extended periods of time
  •  When the vehicle is operated in stop and go and/or heavy traffic situations
  •  When the vehicle is used under severe thermal conditions
  •  When the vehicle accelerates and decelerates frequently

Under these or similar conditions, you should check your oil at least every 2nd fuel fill-up and change your engine oil more frequently. Different drivers in the same car may experience different results.

If your oil consumption rate is greater than expected, contact your authorized SUBARU retailer who may perform a test under controlled conditions.

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