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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Flat tires

If you have a flat tire while driving, never brake suddenly; keep driving straight ahead while gradually reducing speed.

Then slowly pull off the road to a safe place.

1) Under-floor storage compartment (Refer to "Under-floor storage compartment" .) 2) Jack handle 3) Wheel nut wrench 4) Jack 5) Torque wrench 6) Towing hook (eye bolt) 7) Screwdriver 8) Tir ...

Changing a flat tire
WARNING  Do not jack up the vehicle on an incline or a loose road surface. The jack can come out of the jacking point or sink into the ground and this can result in a ...

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Dtc p0020 "a" camshaft position actuator control circuit/open bank 2
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Immediately at fault recognitionTROUBLE SYMPTOM:Improper idlingCAUTION:After servicing or replacing faulty parts, perform Clear Memory Mode Clear Memory Mode > OPERATION, and Inspection Mode Inspection Mode > PROCEDURE.WIRING DIAGRAM:• Engine Electrical System ENGINE ...

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