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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Front accessory power supply socket

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Entertainment / Front accessory power supply socket

1. Install the unit assembly - AUX.2. Install the pocket assembly - CTR.3. Install the panel center LWR.4. Install the cover assembly - front and the console box assembly.Tightening torque:6.5 N&middo ...

Wiring diagram
Refer to “Front Accessory Power Supply Socket System” in the wiring diagram. Front Accessory Power Supply Socket System > WIRING DIAGRAM ...

Other materials:

1. CVT MODEL1. Install the brake pedal assembly.CAUTION:• Apply grease to the snap pin to prevent the operating rod from wear.• Replace the clevis pin with new parts, and apply thin coat of NIGTIGHT LYW No. 2 grease to the clevis pin.Tightening torque:Brake pedal: 18 N·m (1.8 kgf- ...

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