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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Front disc rotor

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Brake / Front disc rotor

CAUTION:Be careful not to allow foreign matter to enter the brake hose connector.1. Remove mud and foreign matter from the caliper body assembly.2. Remove the piston - disc brake.(1) Place a wooden bl ...

1. Lift up the vehicle, and then remove the front wheels.2. Remove the disc brake assembly.(1) Remove the brake hose bracket.(2) Remove the mounting bolt, and remove the disc brake assembly.(3) Prepar ...

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CAUTION:• Immediately after the vehicle has been running or after idling for a long time, the CVTF will be hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.• If the CVTF is spilt over exhaust pipe, wipe it off with cloth to avoid emitting smoke or causing a fire.• When removing the CVTF cooler ...

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