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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Front door

CAUTION:• Do not reuse the removed door sash tape. Replace it with a new tape.• When applying tape, use a spatula, etc. to apply evenly, pushing it against the sash to make sure that no ai ...

1. FRONT DOOR PANEL1. Disconnect the ground terminal from the battery sensor, and wait for at least 60 seconds before starting work. NOTE2. Remove the garnish assembly - door. (OUTBACK model) Side G ...

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Dtc c1431 at
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:A fault is detected if malfunction flag is received from TCM.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• VDC does not operate.• Hill hold does not function.• EyeSight does not operate. (Models with EyeSight)STEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK TCM.1) Start the engine.2) Check DTC of TCM. Read Diag ...

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