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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Front wheel speed sensor

1. Place the dish plate, driven plate, drive plate and retaining plate neatly in this order on surface table.NOTE:Make sure of the direction of dish plate.2. Set the dial gauge to retaining plate, and ...

CAUTION:• Be sure to prevent water or oil from contacting the connector terminal of front wheel speed sensor. If adhesion occurs, replace with a new part.• When removing front wheel speed ...

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Electrical specification
1. RADAR SENSORTerminal No.ContentMeasuring conditionStandardRadar sensor LH (master)Radar sensor RH (slave)1 ←> Chassis groundPrivate CAN HPrivate CAN HAlways1 M- or more2 ←> Chassis groundMaster CAN H — Always1 M- or more3 ←> Chassis ground — — — — 4 ←> Chassis gro ...

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