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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Fuel economy hints

The following suggestions will help to save your fuel.

  •  Select the proper gear position for the speed and road conditions.
  •  Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

    Always accelerate gently until you reach the desired speed. Then try to maintain that speed for as long as possible.

  •  Do not pump the accelerator and avoid racing the engine.
  •  Avoid unnecessary engine idling.
  •  Keep the engine properly tuned.
  •  Keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure shown on the tire placard, which is located under the door latch on the driver's side. Low pressure will increase tire wear and fuel consumption.
  •  Use the air conditioner only when necessary.
  •  Keep the front and rear wheels in proper alignment.
  •  Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage or cargo.
  •  The indication of the ECO gauge shows a reference for saving fuel. For details, refer to "ECO gauge" .
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