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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: General description

Using the ST or a hydraulic press, push out the bolt - hub (b) from the hub unit COMPL - front axle (a).CAUTION:• Be careful not to hammer the bolts - hub. This may deform the hub unit COMPL.&bu ...

1. PROPELLER SHAFTModelAll modelsPropeller shaft typeEDJFront propeller shaft joint-to-joint length: L1mm (in)CVT (TR580)675.5 (26.59)CVT (TR690)578 (22.76)6MT735.5 (28.96)Rear propeller shaft joint-t ...

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1. WHEN REPLACING THE BODY INTEGRATED UNIT1. Check and record the current setting. Registration Body Integrated Unit > OPERATIONCAUTION:• When the body integrated unit is replaced, registration of the immobilizer is required.For detailed operation procedure, refer to the “REGISTRATION M ...

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