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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: General description

Dtc u0074 control module communication bus "body-can" off
Detected when CAN line abnormality is detected.NOTE:Perform the diagnosis for LAN system. Basic Diagnostic Procedure > PROCEDURE ...

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARKS — (Newly adopted tool)SUBARU SELECT MONITOR 4Used for setting of each function and troubleshooting for electrical system.NOTE:For detailed op ...

Other materials:

1. OIL PAN, OIL COOLER AND ENGINE OIL FILTER(1)Oil filter(12)O-ringTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(2)Oil cooler connector(13)Stud boltT1:6.4 (0.7, 4.7)(3)Oil cooler(14)Oil pan upperT2:17 (1.7, 12.5)(4)Clamp(15)Oil level switchT3:18 (1.8, 13.3)(5)Water hose(16)Oil pan magnetT4:23 (2.3, 1 ...

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