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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Hands-free phone system

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Audio / Hands-free phone system

The hands-free system enables calls to be made and received without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

This system supports Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless data system that enables cell phones to be used without being connected by a cable or placed in a cradle.

The operating procedure of the phone is explained here.

  • . While driving, do not use a cell phone or connect the Bluetooth phone. Doing so may result in loss of control of your vehicle and cause an accident or serious injury.
  •  Your audio unit is fitted with Bluetooth antennas. People with implantable cardiac pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy- pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators should maintain a reasonable distance between themselves and the Bluetooth antennas. The radio waves may affect the operation of such devices.
  •  Before using Bluetooth devices, users of any electrical medical device other than implantable cardiac pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization therapy-pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators should consult the manufacturer of the device for information about its operation under the influence of radio waves. Radio waves could have unexpected effects on the operation of such medical devices.


CAUTION Do not leave your cell phone in the vehicle. The temperature inside may rise to a level that could damage the phone.


  •  If your cell phone does not support Bluetooth, this system cannot function.
  •  In the following conditions, the system may not function:
  •  The cell phone is turned off.
  •  The current position is outside the communication area.
  •  The cell phone is not connected.
  •  The cell phone has a low battery.
  •  When using the hands free function and other Bluetooth functions at the same time, the following problems may occur:
  •  The Bluetooth connection may be cut.
  •  Noise may be heard when playing back voice with the Bluetooth function.
  •  The other party's voice will be heard from the front speakers. The audio/ visual system will be muted during phone calls or when hands-free voice commands are used.
  •  Talk alternately with the other party on the phone. If both parties speak at the same time, the other party may not hear what has been said. (This is not a malfunction.)
  •  Keep call volume down. Otherwise, the other party's voice may be audible outside the vehicle and voice echo may increase. When talking on the phone, speak clearly towards the microphone.
  •  The other party may not hear you clearly when:
  •  Driving on an unpaved road.

    (Making excessive traffic noise.)

  •  Driving at high speeds.
  •  The moonroof or windows are open.
  •  The air conditioning vents are pointed towards the microphone.
  •  The sound of the air conditioning fan is loud.
  •  There is a negative effect on sound quality due to the phone and/or network being used.
  •  When another phone is connected, the following registered data cannot be read:
  •  Contact data
  •  Call history data
  •  All phone settings
  •  When selling or disposing of the vehicle, initialize the data. Refer to "Unit settings" .
  •  Once initialized, the data and settings will be erased. Take extra caution when initializing the data.
  •  The voice command system supports phone commands, so dialing a phone number using your voice is possible. Refer to "Voice command system" .
  •  The images shown in this Owner's Manual are sample images. The actual images may vary depending on the market and specifications of your vehicle.
"In-Car-Device setting" screen
The Bluetooth settings can be confirmed and changed.  Display the "SETTINGS" screen. Refer to "Registering a Bluetooth phone for the first time" .  On the "SETTINGS" screen for "I ...

Control screen
PHONE (Menu) screen PHONE (Dialpad) screen No. Function 1 Open the "Incoming Calls" screen. Refer to "By incoming calls" 2 Open the "O ...

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