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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Head restraint adjustment

Both the rear window side seats and the rear center seat are equipped with head restraints

  •  Never drive the vehicle with the head restraints removed because they are designed to reduce the risk of serious neck injury in the event that the vehicle is struck from the rear. Therefore, when you remove the head restraints, you must reinstall all head restraints to protect vehicle occupants.
  •  All occupants, including the driver, should not operate a vehicle or sit in a vehicle's seat until the head restraints are placed in their proper positions in order to minimize the risk of neck injury in the event of a crash.
Folding down the rear seatback
WARNING  When you fold down the seatback, check that there are no passengers or objects on the rear seat. Not doing so creates a risk of injury or property damage i ...

Rear window side seating position
Head restraint  Release button To raise: Pull the head restraint up. To lower: Push the head restraint down while pressing the release button on the top of the seatback. To ...

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