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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Heat shield cover note

Refer to “EXHAUST” section for removal and installation procedure of the heat shield cover.

General description preparation tool
TOOL NAMEREMARKSClip removerUsed for removing trim.• KTC AP201-10A• KTC AP201-CN• KTC AP201-CF• KTC AP201-HF• KTC AP201-HN• KTC AP201-HS• KTC AP203-10A• ...

Ornament installation
1. LETTER MARKAlign the application tape to the following position, and adhere the letter mark.• Sedan model(a)Trunk lid panel end(b)Application tape end (1)Bend the end of the applicatio ...

Other materials:

1. Install the arm assembly - windshield wiper.NOTE:Since the arm assembly - windshield wiper LH and RH can interfere with each other, install the passenger’s side first.(1) Assemble the arm assembly - windshield wiper so that the blade assembly - windshield wiper is aligned to the ceramic pri ...

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