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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: How to use SUBARU STARLINK

  1. Connect to the audio system. Use a USB port for an iPhone or iPod touch and Bluetooth for Android devices.
  •  For details about connecting an iPhone/iPod touch: Refer to "Connecting and disconnecting a USB memory/ portable device" .
  •  For details about registering or connecting an Android device: Refer to "Registering/connecting Bluetooth device" .
  1.  Press the HOME button, and then touch the "APPS" key, or press the APPS button on the audio panel. The APPS screen is displayed.


  1. Touch the "SUBARU STARLINK" key on the APPS screen. The disclaimer screen or the error screen is displayed.
  2.  Touch the "Check" key on the disclaimer screen and then the APPS main screen will appear. If you touch the "Cancel" key, the disclaimer screen disappears and the previous screen will be displayed again.


  •  The SUBARU STARLINK connection error screen will be displayed due to one of the following possible reasons.
  •  Your smartphone and the system has not been connected via USB (for iPhone) or Bluetooth (for Android).
  •  SUBARU STARLINK APPS has not been activated.
  •  You can also switch to aha or Pandora (if equipped) from the APPS screen.
SUBARU STARLINK (if equipped)
The SUBARU STARLINK function allows the system to link with a smartphone using Bluetooth ...

APPS main screen
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