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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: How to use the rear view camera

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / Interior equipment / Rear view camera / How to use the rear view camera

When performing the following procedure, the rear view camera automatically displays the rear view image from the vehicle.

  1.  Set the ignition switch to "ON".
  2.  Set the shift lever or select lever to "R".

When any of the following conditions occur, the image before setting to "R" will be displayed.

  •  Several seconds have passed after the following operation (off delay function).
  •  Setting the shift lever to a position other than "R" (MT models)
  •  Setting the select lever to a position other than "P" or "R" (CVT models)
  •  The vehicle speed is more than 5 mph (8 km/h).
  •  The select lever is set to "P" (CVT models).


  •  For models with the genuine SUBARU navigation system or audio system, the image of the rear view camera has priority over other screen displays. To operate other screens, set the shift lever (MT models) or select lever (CVT models) to a position other than "R".
  •  The image of the rear view camera is horizontally reversed as is the case with the vehicle inside rear view mirror or the side view mirror.
  •  It may be difficult to see the image of the rear view camera in the following cases. This is not a malfunction of the camera.
  • The vehicle is used for towing or a trailer hitch is installed.
  •  The vehicle is in a dark place (at night, in a tunnel, etc.).
  •  The vehicle is in an extremely hot or cold place.
  •  An object (such as raindrops, snow, dirt, etc.) that disturbs the view of the rear view camera sticks to the lens of the camera.
  •  Strong light shined directly on the camera lens (occasionally, there are vertical lines on the screen).
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