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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Idle speed inspection

1. Before checking the idle speed, check the following item:

(1) Check the air cleaner element is free from clogging, ignition timing is correct, spark plugs are in good condition, and hoses are connected properly.

(2) Check the malfunction indicator light does not illuminate.

2. Warm up the engine.

3. Read the engine idle speed using Subaru Select Monitor. Subaru Select Monitor > OPERATION


Idle speed cannot be adjusted manually, because the idle speed is automatically adjusted.

If idle speed is out of standard, refer to the General Diagnosis Table under “Engine Control System”. Basic Diagnostic Procedure

(1) Check the idle speed when no-loaded. (Headlight, heater fan, rear defroster, radiator fan, A/C and etc. are OFF)

Idle rpm (no load and select lever in “P” or “N” range):


700±100 r/min

(2) Check the idle speed when loaded. (Turn the A/C switch to ON and operate the compressor for at least one minute before measurement.)

Idle speed (A/C ON and select lever in “P” or “N” range):


700 — 910±100 r/min

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