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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Ignition key lock

1. DOOR LOCK ASSEMBLY(A)Front(B)Rear (1)Grommet - screw(9)Key lock - door (driver’s seat only)(17)Frame ASSY - rear door outer(2)Remote ASSY - door(10)Spacer - door handle outer B (3)Cap r ...

CAUTION:• Before handling the airbag system components, refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” in “AIRBAG SYSTEM”. General Description > CAUTION• ...

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Dtc b250f rotation sensor pulse/count
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Output of the power rear gate drive unit rotation sensor is out of specified range.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:Auto operation stops halfway.WIRING DIAGRAM:Power rear gate system Power Rear Gate System > WIRING DIAGRAMSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK AUTO OPERATION.1) Turn the ignition switch to OF ...

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