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Illumination brightness control

The illumination brightness of the instrument panel dims under the following conditions.

  •  when the light switch is in the " " or " " position
  •  when the light switch is in the "AUTO" position and the headlights illuminate automatically

You can adjust the illumination brightness for better visibility.

To brighten, turn the control dial upward.

To darken, turn the control dial downward.


  •  When the control dial is turned fully upward, the illumination brightness becomes the maximum and the automatic dimming function does not work at all.
  •  The brightness setting is not canceled even when the ignition switch is turned to the "LOCK"/"OFF" position.

Auto dimmer cancel function

When the ambient light is bright, the illumination brightness is set to the maximum regardless of the position of the control dial. In this case, you cannot adjust the illumination brightness by using the control dial. When the ambient light is dark, you can dim the illumination brightness as described above.

The operational/non-operational setting and sensitivity of the auto dimmer cancel function can be changed by your SUBARU dealer. Contact your SUBARU dealer for details.

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