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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: In case of emergency

Subaru Legacy Owners Manual / In case of emergency

Trailer towing tips
CAUTION  For models equipped with the BSD (Blind Spot Detection) and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) driving support systems, when towing a trailer, press the BSD/ ...

If you park your vehicle in an emergency
The hazard warning flasher should be used in day or night to warn other drivers when you have to park your vehicle under emergency conditions. Avoid stopping on the road. It is best to safe ...

Other materials:

DisplayDescriptionStandardNoteBattery Terminal VoltageBattery voltage is displayed.0 — 25.5 V — Ignition switchIgnition switch status is displayed.ON: when ignition switch is ONOFF: when ignition switch is OFF — Set SWStatus of the set switch in seat memory switch is displayed.ON: when set swi ...

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