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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inhibitor switch note

For the operation procedures for inhibitor switch, refer to “CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION” section.

H4 model: Inhibitor Switch

H6 model: Inhibitor Switch

Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection
Refer to “Diagnostics with Phenomenon” of “CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Diagnostics with Phenomenon ...

Neutral position switch note
For the operation procedures for neutral position switch, refer to “MANUAL TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL” section. Switches and Harness ...

Other materials:

1. SUBARU STARLINK CONNECTION ID DISPLAY1. Turn the ignition switch to ACC.2. Press the AUDIO/TUNE knob (b) five times with the HOME button (a) pressed to display the {Service Menu} screen.3. Touch the {Product Information} (c) to display the {Product Information} screen.4. Confirm the connectivity ...

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