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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Before performing diagnosis, check the following items which might affect body control system problems.

1. Check the battery. Battery > INSPECTION Battery > INSPECTION

2. Check the fuse condition. Relay and Fuse

Make sure that ampere of the fuse is setting value, and it is not blown out.

3. Check the connecting condition of harness and harness connector.

4. Confirm settings of body integrated unit are corresponded to vehicle equipment. Registration Body Integrated Unit > OPERATION

5. Make sure that the User Customizing of the body integrated unit matches the vehicle equipment. User Customizing > OPERATION

6. Confirm “Factory initial setting” of body integrated unit registrations is “Market”.

1. SRS AIRBAG SYSTEMAirbag system wiring harness is routed near the body integrated unit and body control circuits.CAUTION:• Do not use the electrical test equipment on all airbag system wiring ...

Body structure

Other materials:

• Be careful of the following items. Failing to do so may cause the airbag system malfunction.– Yellow connectors and harnesses with yellow tapes around them are the connectors and harnesses for the airbag system. When using a tester on these circuits, follow the cautions of “AIRBAG S ...

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