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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check each part for damage or dust.

Measure the resistance of each solenoid, sensor and ground wire.


Measurement should be performed at a temperature of 20°C (68°F).



Terminal No.


Primary UP solenoid

No. 2 — control valve body

Approx. 10 — 13.5 -

Secondary solenoid

No. 3 — control valve body

Approx. 5 — 7 -

F&R clutch solenoid

No. 4 — control valve body

Approx. 4 — 6 -

Primary DOWN solenoid

No. 7 — control valve body

Approx. 10 — 13.5 -

Lock-up duty solenoid

No. 9 — control valve body

Approx. 10 — 13.5 -

AWD solenoid

No. 10 — control valve body

Approx. 2 — 4.5 -

Oil temperature sensor


Terminal No.


At 20°C (68°F)

Oil temperature sensor

No. 1 — No. 6

Approx. 2.5 k-

Transmission ground

Terminal No.


No. 8 — control valve body

Less than 1 -

CAUTION:• Directly after the vehicle has been running or the engine has been idling for a long time, the CVTF is hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.• Be careful not to spill CVTF on the ...

1. Clean the mating surface of valve cover and transmission side.CAUTION:When cleaning the mating surface of the transmission side, be careful not to allow any dust, foreign matter and used liquid gas ...

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