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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check the surface of primary and secondary pulley cones for damage or wear.

Check the primary and secondary pulley for damage.

Check the bearing for seizure or wear.

Apply CVTF to bearing and rotate the bearing to check for noise or dragging etc.

1. Select shims for pulley alignment. Primary Pulley and Secondary Pulley > ADJUSTMENT2. Install the seal ring to the input shaft.NOTE:• Use new seal rings.• When installing the seal ring ...

Primary speed sensor

Other materials:

Preparation tool
1. SPECIAL TOOLILLUSTRATIONTOOL NUMBERDESCRIPTIONREMARKS — (Newly adopted tool)SUBARU SELECT MONITOR 4Used for setting of each function and troubleshooting for electrical system.NOTE:For detailed operation procedures of Subaru Select Monitor 4, refer to “Application help”.2. GENERAL TO ...

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