Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Make sure that all component parts are free of scratches, holes and other faults.

Check the tooth contact. Drive Pinion Shaft Assembly > ADJUSTMENT

Apply CVTF to bearing and rotate the bearing to check for noise or dragging etc.

Check the bearing preload of drive pinion shaft.


Before measuring, apply differential gear oil to roller of bearing and rotate the bearing several times.

Starting torque:

16.3 — 42.7 N (1.7 — 4.4 kgf, 4.4 — 9.6 lbf)

1. Clean the mating surface of drive pinion retainer and converter case.2. Adjust the backlash and tooth contact between drive pinion shaft assembly and the front differential side gear. Drive Pinion ...

1. Remove the drive pinion assembly.2. Flatten the tab of the lock nut.3. Using ST1 and ST2, fix at the spline portion of drive pinion shaft to remove the lock nut.ST1 18621AA000WRENCHST2 18667A ...

Other materials:

CAUTION:When tightening the mounting TORX® screw, be sure to observe the tightening torque. Otherwise, the mount may be damaged in over-torque conditions.1. NORMAL MIRROR TYPE1. Slide the mirror assembly - inner rearview to the mirror mount to install.NOTE:If the mirror mounting is damaged, replace ...

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