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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check for leakage of CVTF from the joint section of transmission and propeller shaft. If a leak is found, inspect the propeller shaft and replace the oil seal.

CAUTION:Immediately after the vehicle has been running or after idling for a long time, the differential gear oil will be hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.1. Lift up the vehicle.2. Remove the fron ...

Forward clutch assembly

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Electrical specification
Terminal No.ContentMeasuring conditionStandardA1 ←> Chassis groundIgnition power supplyIgnition switch: ONBattery voltageA2CAN-H (CAN communication line)Measurement load (digital signal) — A3CAN-L (CAN communication line)Measurement load (digital signal) — A4 ←> Chassis groundGroundAlw ...

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