Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check each component for scratches, damage or other faults.

Inspect the backlash of the pinion gear.


0.13 — 0.18 mm (0.0051 — 0.0071 in)

Measure the hypoid gear backlash, and then adjust it to be within specification. Front Differential Assembly > ADJUSTMENT

1. Install the front differential assembly to the converter case.NOTE:Be careful not to damage the inside of the case (especially the mating surface of the differential side retainers).2. Temporarily ...

1. DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSEMBLY1. Remove the taper roller bearing using the ST.ST 498077000REMOVER2. Remove the hypoid driven gear mounting bolt using the ST.ST 18270KA020SOCKET (E20)3. Remove the ...

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CAUTION:• Immediately after the vehicle has been running or after idling for a long time, the differential gear oil will be hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.• Be careful not to spill the differential gear oil on exhaust pipe to prevent it from emitting smoke or fire. If differential ...

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