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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check the ball bearing for smooth rotation.

Check the ball bearing for excessive looseness.

Check the reduction driven gear for breakage or damage.

Check the clearance between snap ring and transmission case and replace the snap ring as necessary.

1. Install the straight pin to reduction driven gear assembly.2. Fit the straight pin portion to the recess portion of transmission case and install the reduction driven gear and install the snap ring ...

1. Remove the bearing retainer using ST1, ST2 and ST3.ST1 899864100REMOVERST2 398497701SEATST3 18767AA000BEARING REMOVER2. Remove the snap ring.3. Remove the ball bearing using ST1, ST2 and S ...

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Condition check
NOTE:When replacing CVTF, determine the condition inside the transmission body by inspecting the drained CVTF.Fluid conditionTrouble and possible causeCorrective actionMetal particles.Excessive wear of the internal of the transmission body.Replace CVTF and check if CVT operates correctly.Thick and v ...

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