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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check the removed cable and replace or adjust if damaged, rusty or malfunctioning.

1. Check that the inner cable moves smoothly without drag.

2. Check the inner cable for damage and rust.

3. Check the outer cable for damage, bends and cracks.

4. Check the boot for damage, cracks and deterioration.

5. Shift the select lever from “P” range to “D” range. Check the existence of feel to contact the detents in each range. If the detents cannot be felt or the position pointer is improperly aligned, adjust the cable.

6. Check that the starter motor rotates when the select lever is set to “P” or “N” range.

7. Check the back-up light illumination when the select lever is in “R” range.

8. Check the shift lock operation when the select lever is in “P” range.

1. Position the select cable as shown in the figure, and install it to the plate assembly.CAUTION:• If the cable is installed in the wrong direction, loosen the bracket bolts, and then reinstall ...

Select lever

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Roof rack (Outback - if equipped)
CAUTION  For cargo carrying purposes, the roof rail must be used together with the roof rack. The roof rail must never be used alone to carry cargo. Otherwise, damage to the roof or paint or a dangerous road hazard due to loss of cargo could result. ...

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