Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check the removed parts for damage, wear, corrosion etc. If faulty, repair or replace.

PTJ (pillow tripod joint)

Check for seizure, corrosion, damage, wear and excessive play.

EBJ (high-efficiency compact ball fixed joint)

Check for seizure, corrosion, damage and excessive play.


Check for excessive bending, twisting, damage and wear.


Check for wear, warping, breakage and scratches.


Check for discoloration and fluidity.

1. Before installation, check the drive shaft assembly. Front Drive Shaft > INSPECTION2. Replace the differential side retainer oil seal with a new part.• MT model: Differential Side Retainer ...

1. Place alignment marks on the shaft and outer race.2. Remove the PTJ boot band and boot.CAUTION:Be careful not to damage the boot.3. Remove the snap ring from PTJ outer race.4. Remove the PTJ outer ...

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CAUTION:If lubricant is spilt over the exhaust pipe, wipe it off with cloth to avoid emission of smoke or causing a fire.1. Before installing front oxygen (A/F) sensor, apply anti-seize compound only to the threaded portion of front oxygen (A/F) sensor to make the next removal easier.CAUTION:Never a ...

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