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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check the propeller shaft with the propeller shaft installed to the vehicle.

1. Shift the select lever or gear shift lever to neutral.

2. Release the parking brake.

3. Lift up the vehicle.

4. Remove the front exhaust pipe.

2.5 L model: Front Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

3.6 L model: Front Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

5. Remove the rear exhaust pipe.

2.5 L model: Rear Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

3.6 L model: Rear Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL

6. Remove the bolts to remove the front heat shield cover.

7. Check the propeller shaft mounting bolt for looseness.

(1) Yoke flange mounting bolts which connect to the rear differential

(2) Center bearing bracket mounting bolts

8. Check the spline and bearing for the propeller shaft.

(1) Turn the propeller shaft by hand to check if abnormal free play exists at splines.

(2) Also move yokes to check if abnormal free play exists at spiders and bearings.

9. Measure the deflection of the propeller shaft.

(1) Set the dial gauge (B) with its indicator stem at the center of the propeller shaft (A).

(2) Turn the propeller shaft (A) slowly by hands to check for runout of the propeller shaft.


Limit: 0.6 mm (0.024 in)

10. Check the center bearing for free play.

Move the propeller shaft near the center bearing up, down, left, right by hand, to check for any abnormal free play of the bearings.

11. Replace the propeller shaft assembly if faulty is found in the inspection.

CAUTION:• Before removing propeller shaft, wrap metal parts with a cloth or rubber material.• Do not disassemble the center EDJ of the propeller shaft.• Before removing the propeller ...

1. Before installation, check the following items, and replace the propeller shaft assembly as necessary.• Dents or cracks on the tube surface• Splines for deformation or abnormal wear&bul ...

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