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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

1. Check that the fuel level sensor has no damage.

2. Measure the fuel level sensor float position.


When inspecting the fuel level sensor, perform the work with the sensor installed to the fuel pump.






Fuel tank seating surface

Float position


FULL to Fuel tank seating surface (A)

133.0±4 mm (5.236±0.157 in)

EMPTY to Fuel tank seating surface (B)

21.6±4 mm (0.850±0.157 in)

3. Check the resistance between fuel level sensor terminals by the connector on top of the fuel pump.

Float position

Terminal No.



1 and 4

8.7±1.0 -


139.1±2.0 -

WARNING:Place “NO OPEN FLAMES” signs near the working area.CAUTION:• Be careful not to spill fuel.• If the fuel gauge indicates that two thirds or more of the fuel is remaining ...

Install in the reverse order of removal.CAUTION:Be sure to install the fuel level sensor harness to the clip first, then install the fuel pump harness. Otherwise, malfunction may occur.(A)Fuel level s ...

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