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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

Check that the crank pulley has no deformation, cracks or other damages.

1. Remove the V-belts. V-belt > REMOVAL2. Use the ST to lock the crank pulley, and remove the crank pulley bolt.ST1 18355AA000PULLEY WRENCHST2 18334AA000PULLEY WRENCH PIN SET3. Remove the crank ...

1. Clean the crankshaft thread using compressed air.2. Install the crank pulley.3. Apply engine oil to the crank pulley bolt seat and thread.4. Use the ST to lock the crank pulley, and tighten the cra ...

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When the driving condition or starter motor operation is improper, first check the shift linkage for improper operation. If the shift linkage is functioning properly, check the inhibitor switch.1. Remove the collector cover.(1) Carefully pull up the rear of collector cover at two positions (A).(2) C ...

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