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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection locations after a collision inspection

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Seat belt system / Inspection locations after a collision inspection

Refer to “Inspection Locations after a Collision” of “AIRBAG SYSTEM” section. Inspection Locations after a Collision

Disposal of pretensioner procedure
WARNING:Make sure to follow the instructions below. Otherwise, personal injuries may occur.• Before discarding a pretensioner, always perform an activation process to prevent any false activatio ...

Pretensioner connector procedure
For connectors of seat belt pretensioner and buckle switch RH, refer to “Airbag Connector” of “AIRBAG SYSTEM” section or “OCCUPANT DETECTION SYSTEM” section.• ...

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CAUTION:Do not tighten excessively, or oil may leak.1. Clean the oil filter installation surface of the oil cooler.2. Obtain a new oil filter and apply a thin coat of engine oil to the seal rubber.3. Install the oil filter by turning it by hand, being careful not to damage the seal rubber of the oil ...

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