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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the O-ring to the input shaft.


Use new O-rings.

Apply CVTF to the O-rings.

2. While holding the torque converter assembly by hand, carefully install it into the torque converter case.


Apply CVTF to the oil seal lip.

Do not damage the oil seal and O-ring.

3. Engage the splines while gently rotating the torque converter assembly by hand, and securely insert the assembly.

4. Measure depth “A”, from converter case end surface to drive plate contacting surface.

Standard (reference):

6.8 mm (0.268 in) or less

5. Install the transmission assembly. Automatic Transmission Assembly > INSTALLATION

• Check the protrusion of torque converter center (front boss) is not deformed or damaged.• Check the ring gear and exterior for break or damage. ...

Transfer clutch

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