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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Clean the mating surface of oil pump chain cover and converter case cover.

2. Using the ST, install the oil seal.


3. Install the drive sprocket and install the snap ring.

4. Place the oil pump chain on drive sprocket.

5. Place the oil pump chain on driven sprocket and install the driven sprocket to oil pump chain cover.

6. Install the seal ring to center support COMPL.


Use new seal rings.

Apply CVTF to the seal rings.

7. Apply liquid gasket seamlessly to the mating surface of oil pump chain cover.


Do not apply liquid gasket at the arrowed hole.

Liquid gasket:

THREE BOND 1215B or equivalent

8. Install the oil pump chain cover.


There are two types of bolt.

Tightening torque:

24 N·m (2.4 kgf-m, 17.7 ft-lb)

9. Install the torque converter assembly. Torque Converter Assembly > INSTALLATION

10. Install the transmission assembly to the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > INSTALLATION

1. DRIVE SPROCKET1. Using the ST, install the ball bearing.NOTE:Use a new ball bearing.ST 499755602PRESS SNAP RING ...

• Check the oil pump chain for damage.• Replace if gear teeth are broken, damaged, sharpen or excessively worn.• Check the bearing for seizure or wear.• Apply CVTF to bearing a ...

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